Meeting Dates

Our meetings are designed to be of interest to all levels of member, from novice to advanced photographer.
Through our syllabus and field trips, we aim to ensure that members enjoy and improve their photography skills, ability and confidence.
We are updating our meeting dates and content during the summer. If you would like to know more or have a free evening, why not come along to one of our summer trips, details are shown in each issue of the Gairloch & District Times.

October 2019
7th Opening Evening - Walk-through of the 2019 - 20 syllabus and informal review of members 'before and after' shots & AV on Wester Ross
21st Practical Night - Back to basics (Composition, depth of field, "seeing the picture" and lots more!)

November 2019
4th Post Processing - Bring your images for help in adjusting
18th Panoramics - From Top to Bottom
25th Practical Night - Bring your camera

December 2019
2nd Phone Photograhy and Aps - How to take photos with your phone & top apps; - Show your pictures (5 photos.)
16th Social Event - TBA

January 2020
13th Practical Night - Photography tutorial (Nik II Software)
27th Black and White night - Members are invited to bring along 6 of their black and white photographs to show and discuss.

February 2020
10th The Art of Photography II - Member presentation
24th F.I.S.H - Bring your own Funny, Interesting, Strange or Holiday Images

March 2020
9th Practical Night - Photo Assessment Whats right and Wrong!
23rd Pictures on a Theme - Members Night

April 2020
6th Practical Night - Macro with Focus Stacking
20th Indulgent Audio Visuals & Member Image Night

May 2020
4th Practical Night - How to Mount / Frame your Prints
18th Computer Techniques - Melting Pot III

Further meetings will be added after this date in 2020